One thought on “A New Podcast – The Right to Read Around the World

  1. We finally listened to your podcast, Edina Podcast Pals!
    Sorry it took so long. Our school has had a lot of busy-ness of late
    because we’re moving to a new building this summer and so we’ve had
    many celebrations and programs honoring our old building and our memories.

    But… your podcast was wonderful and I learned a ton. Here are the comments
    from the kiddos:

    Graham: I like the news stuff and you were all clear to hear.
    Isaiah: Thanks for telling us that life is not always faire. I wish everyone could get
    facebook and other web sites.
    Shane: I like the great music. I didn’t know that governments block the truth. I wish the truth was out.
    Elijah: I like the information and I wish I heard more.
    Lee: I couldn’t believe that China has 30,000 people policing the internet. Geezlouise. I loved the hoe down bit at the end too.
    Jada: I like the music and the last song was funny.
    Sam: I like how you talk and I like your sound effects.
    Kim: I liked how you told us what is going on in life.
    Trevor: I like the way you talked about the non freedom for the internet in China. I like the music at the end.
    Alexis: You know a lot about China. I like that you know about twitter and facebook.
    Abby; Learning about other countries is cool. I can’t believe some people can’t get on the internet. I wish the government wasn’t that hard on them.
    Blaze: I like the music. I like the hoe down. You are awesome.
    Cameron: I learned that sometimes governments block the truth.

    Thanks, Podcast Pals! We will have our podcast up by Monday, so check it out!

    Happy Summer!

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