One thought on “iMPRESS Has a Podcast! (Finally!)

  1. Hey iMPRESS,
    We listened to your podcast today and we loved it! THANKS! Here are our individual comments. A lot of kids were absent today, so there are fewer comments, but everyone who was here LOVED it!

    Cameron: I noticed that one of the people said that her dad died. I agree that a person can go on. I learned that if a person texts too much, they might not want to write.

    Lee H.: I like the skit about reading interesting books in school. And the skit about the senior women who didn’t learn to read for so many different reasons. I learned what “supes” means. (Am I spelling it correctly, btw?) Your podcast is technorific!

    Karen S.: I loved the history of reading and how some people never learned how to read. I like the personal stories about who read to them as a child. Great skits!

    Kimberly: Your podcast is funny. The women tell about what happened when they were kids. I like when you read the same book we read.

    Samantha: I like how you talk about Mr. George Baker. I like when you go from person to person. I like how you ask for books, like the Junie B. Jones book.

    Graham: I like that you made a skit. I like all your ideas about literacy.

    Alexis: I liked how you acted. I liked how you talked about the history of the presses.

    Blaze: I liked when the kid said, “Duh!”

    Cory: I like when you talked about Lord of the Rings.

    Devin: I wondered how you are so funny.

    Shane: I like when that one kid says that he doesn’t like books. It was sad when you talked about the mom dying. I agree that parents should read aloud to their kids.

    Nickolis: I like how you spoke so loud and clear.


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