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  1. Hot Paper Press,
    Lee Heffernan here. I listened to your fantastic podcast today with Karen Streib and her 3rd graders. We all jotted down comments as we listened. Here are our thoughts:

    Samantha: I have a question. Did you make the rhymes, or get them from something? Why do you like literacy? I really liked your podcast. It has a lot of rhmes, music and talking. Also, I like the name of your press.

    Nickolis: I liked the poems.

    Shane: I liked the song. I liked at the beginning. I liked the poem.

    Isaiah: I agree if you don’t learn to read, then you can’t read to your child. I learned that facebook and Twitter help you learn to read.

    Devin: I like the music. I agree that when you are a grownup, you should read. I learned more about Mr. George Baker.

    Kimberly: I agree with your podcast. I think you are right about reading.

    Cameron: I wondered about the person who learned to read using Facebook.

    Graham: I like the rhyming. I like the music. I liked what you said about Mr. George Baker.

    Trevor: I like the rhyming. I like the music. I like the acting. I like how you talked about Mr. George Baker.

    Blaze: I like the music and your talking.

    Alexis: I liked the tone. I liked the acting. Thanks for telling us about the internet.

    Karen Streib: I like when you speak slowly and clearly. I like the music and poems. I agree with you that using the internet increases literacy skills. Does it encourage people to learn how to read? I loved the skits.

    Lee Heffernan: I loved your comment that literacy is “worth the effort.” I will think more about what that means. I am so glad you discussed dyslexia. We had not talked about that at all. You bring up so many thoughtful points. I loved that piano music. I pretended I was playing piano as I listened.

    Hot Paper Press…. Stay tuned for our next podcast! We have read some great books on literacy: Mr. George Baker, Wednesday Surprise, Listen to the Wind, More Than Anything Else. We also learned about literacy at the literacy site. Hope everything is great up in Minnesota!

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