5 thoughts on “6th Hour Podcast

  1. Hi 6th Hour,
    We just listened to your podcast. It was great and awesome.

    WE agree that burning books is wrong.

    We like how you took some of our examples and put our ideas in to your podcast. THANK YOU!

    We loved the song you made up . It was just like jingle bells but it taught people to not burn or ban books. WE think that should be a law.

    We will send you a podcast soon. Thank you again for everything.

    All of Us down here in Bloomington Indiana. (We are 3rd grade class and We will stay classy!)

    Fairview 3rd graders

  2. I liked your podcast. I liked the music. I’m glad that you don’t like people to burn books.


  3. Your podcast was great. Thanks for sharing it with us. My students are still singing the Jingle Bell parody. 🙂

    Karen Streib

  4. I really liked your podcast and I really liked how you made the music. I liked how you included Bloomington in the podcast!


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